A large number of individuals weighed in on this topic with a number of reactions. However, I did so see a few constant themes emerge:


1. Buy more utilized furniture if you have small children and animals.

“I think in the child rearing stage used night stands, a coffee table, desks etc. are all the way to go,” one mother of three wrote. “Everything gets wrecked anyways.”

“I buy used due to my children,” wrote another parent of young children. “They are rough on everything and I’m not likely to pay a premium price for nice things that will wind up on the burn pile in a handful of years.”

2. No utilized fabric furniture.

“Tables and chairs is one thing, but I would not buy a used couch since I don’t would like to get bed bugs,” wrote a Dubai mom.

“I buy all sorts of wood furniture used because it’s higher quality,” wrote one participant that has had success with DIY projects. “I usually chalk paint it to really make it new again. Couches, beds, I certainly invest in new.”

3. Buy new for a good price.

“I individually favor buying new,” wrote a newlywed and at-home entrepreneur, “however… I Adore a great deal, so when I find one thing I like I keep close track of it until the deal is worth it!”

HOW This Is Applicable TO YOU

A Few Things I see from the most of reactions are three things:

Cost is important. Buying used furniture in Dubai if this economically is sensible is a priority for many people.

Health is essential. Bed bugs, used fabric, and the general mystery of what has made available to cloth furnishings are enough to convince many people to buy new.

Months of life strongly affect the decision. When you’ve got kids dropping snacks all over the place or a pet who chooses your slipcovers make good chew toys, it modifications the worth you location on your furniture.

Furniture made of wood is often entirely fine for many people in my survey to buy used. By way of example, the procedure for sanding and staining or repainting a espresso table is frequently much easier than reupholstering a chair. Others strongly appreciated the older furniture due to how well it was made. One responder enjoys an eclectic mix of antiques.